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Tenants: Moving in

Check in

Subject to contract, once all relevant references have been approved, a check-in date and time will be agreed with you. This will be the same day that your tenancy starts. We will send you a letter of confirmation, and a copy of the tenancy agreement for you to review. An Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract and therefore you should be fully aware of your legal rights and obligations as a tenant before you sign.

One of our team will meet you at the property where you will sign the tenancy agreement, and we will go through the inventory and schedule of condition with you. This is an extremely detailed report including photographs. We will ask you for your comments and then you will sign it to say that you agree it represents an accurate description of the condition of the property and its contents at the beginning of the tenancy. This is very important as it will be used as a basis for comparing the condition and contents at the end of the tenancy. Please note you cannot move any furniture into the property until this appointment is complete.

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Funds required

In order to check you in we will need to have received the following cleared funds into our bank account by 5.30pm on the previous working day:

  • One month’s rent in advance
  • Dilapidations deposit

Please note that payment of these funds should be made by bank transfer or card payment. Card payments will only be accepted if presented to our office 3 working days before check in. Cheques will only be accepted if provided at least 5 working days before the agreed check-in date, so that cleared funds can reach our account.


The landlord is only required to leave one full set of keys.  You may have additional keys cut at your own expense.  Please ensure all additional sets are returned at the end of the tenancy.

Local authority and utilities

After your tenancy has commenced, Neil Douglas will inform Aylesbury Vale District Council and your water provider of your name and tenancy start date.

You will be responsible for contacting all other utility companies and informing them of your check-in date and contact details. Settlement bills may be forwarded to our offices for payment by the landlord.

We ask that if you wish to change utility suppliers, you inform us in writing of your intention so we can request permission from the landlord.


We advise that you source insurance for your own contents and personal possessions.  Additional insurance can also be obtained for accidental damage caused to the landlord's property and personal items.

Gas safety

If there is gas at the property, by law a gas safety certificate must be issued to you at the start of your tenancy and renewed every 12 months. You will be informed of this date prior to the expiry date and we therefore ask you to be flexible with appointments to ensure a new certificate is issued before the expiry of the current one.


The dilapidations deposit is protected by the Deposit Protection Service.  When the deposit is made, you will receive a certificate.  It should be signed by your landlord/agent and you are given the opportunity to sign it to confirm your agreement to the information. You will be provided with an "Information for Tenants" leaflet which forms part of the prescribedinformation. It explains who the Deposit Protection Service are, how to get your deposit back and contains information about the alternative dispute resolution process.  

Some properties may allow the use of the Nil Deposit Scheme, which is an insurance backed scheme provided through our referencing company.  Please contact us for further information. Terms and conditions apply.



Please note that smoking is not permitted in any of the properties we market.

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