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Landlords: During the tenancy

Routine visits

We include routine visits in our fully managed service. Around six weeks after the start of the new tenancy we will visit the property and check all is in order. After that we will undertake visits every four months and provide you with a written report which will be forwarded to you together with any recommendations.

Please note that neither a full inventory check nor a survey will be carried out at these visits. Additional visits can be carried out at your request for an additional charge. Please see our landlord fees for further details.

routine visits

Maintenance service

If you choose our fully managed service we will deal with any routine minor maintenance issues that may arise in your property. As a landlord you are responsible for:

As a landlord you are responsible for:

  • keeping the structure and the exterior of the premises in good order
  • keeping appliances for supply of gas, electricity and water in good repair
  • keeping the sanitary appliances in repair

And carry out all repairs within a reasonable amount of time.

We are happy to use your preferred contractors or to instruct reliable and cost effective local contractors on your behalf.

It is usual for us to discuss any required maintenance with you prior to instructing a contractor, but you may decide to give us authorisation for us to complete minor work without your prior consent up to an agreed amount. We usually take £150 float from your first rent invoice to cover any minor repairs, which ensures our contractors can be paid promptly. Invoices for larger amounts will need to be paid by you directly to the contractor.

Should your property require structural work or renovation then this would fall outside the remit of routine maintenance included in our fully managed service. We would be happy to help you arrange these works for an additional fee. Please see our landlord fees for details.

maintenance service

Out of hours problems

We have a dedicated out of hours telephone number for tenants who require immediate assistance because of a serious problem at the property. This could include a break down in heating/hot water, blocked drains or even a major incident such as a flood or fire.

Tenancy termination/renewals

Prior to the end of a tenancy we will review the agreement including the monthly rental amount and check if you would like us to offer the tenant a new fixed term contract. We can provide you with any of the following for a small additional charge:

  • An Addendum (extending the term of the tenancy only) or
  • A Memorandum of Renewal (which may change some of the terms e.g. rent) or
  • A replacement Tenancy Agreement

Once agreed we will prepare the necessary documentation. Once the signed documents are received, we will send copies to all relevant parties.

If you wish us to serve a section 21 notice to gain possession at the correct time, then a fee will be chargeable. If a tenant fails to comply with a notice you will need to commence County Court proceedings. We can put you in touch with solicitors in the field.

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