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Tenants: Frequently asked questions

Do you accept tenants on housing or other benefits?

As a letting agent we do accept tenants on housing or other benefits, however, it is up to each of our landlords to decide if they will accept a tenant on benefits for their particular property. Tenants receiving benefits will need to go through our standard referencing process and they will also need to be supported by a guarantor who will agree to pay the rent should the tenant fail to do so.  The guarantor will also be required to go through referencing and will be a party to the tenancy agreement and a separate guarantor agreement.

Please contact us for advice about the properties you are interested in and we will check with the landlord whether they will accept tenants receiving benefits.

Do you accept pets?

Some of our landlords are happy to accept pets whilst some stipulate that no pets should be kept at their property. Flats are often unsuitable for pets because of the terms of the landlord’s lease.

Please contact us to check if the landlord of the property you are interested in will accept pets.

How quickly can I move?

It usually takes 10-14 days to complete the referencing process and prepare the necessary documents to move you into a property.  This is because it takes time to obtain references from employers and landlords and to ensure that we have all the relevant information to prepare the tenancy agreement.

Some of the properties we market are occupied by tenants coming to the end of their tenancy and the properties won’t be available until the tenant moves out. We usually specify in the property details the date it is available.

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