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Tenants: At the end of the tenancy


We will write to you two months before the end of the fixed term of your tenancy to ask if you wish to renew your tenancy or move out on the appointed date. If you are not sure what notice you need to give us to end your tenancy, please contact us for advice.


At the end of the tenancy, we will usually meet with you at the property to perform a check out where the condition and contents of the property will be compared with the inventory agreed with you at check-in. 

The property will need to be empty of all your possessions and cleaned throughout before this appointment. If you need to stay at the property after this time then you may be charged.

You will be provided with a copy of our Tenancy Guidance Notes for Tenants, please ensure that all is in order to protect your deposit. All keys will need to be given to us at the check-out appointment or, if you do not wish to be present, returned to our office prior to the agreed check-out time.

Missing or damaged items that are not considered as 'fair wear-and-tear' will be your responsibility to pay for repair, replacement, making good, cleaning or any other required process.


Return of the deposit

Once the check-out has been carried out, we will compile a written report. The deposit will be returnable less any deductions which have been made in respect to dilapidations, unpaid bills etc.

Landlords, agents and tenants can all request the repayment of a deposit to the appropriate parties at the end of a tenancy - jointly or independently. When one party requests a repayment, the other needs to confirm whether they agree with the proposal, by completing an acceptance form - either online or by post.


Please ensure that you set up appropriate mail re-direction services prior to the end of your tenancy. We cannot accept any responsibility for forwarding post delivered to the property after you have checked out.

Breaking your contract early

In some circumstances you may need to move out of the property before your fixed term contract comes to an end. Please note that you are fully liable for the cost of the rent until the end of the contract, whether you are still living at the property or not. Some landlords will agree to remarketing the property and if a suitable tenant can be found, then they may agree to release you from the point at which a new tenant can move into the property and begin to pay the rent. However, this is entirely at the landlord’s discretion, so you should work on the assumption that you will need to be paying the full rent until the contract expires.

If a new tenant is found and you are released from your obligations, you will be liable for the costs incurred by the landlord for remarketing the property, and any necessary charges associated with the new agreement, which would normally be chargeable to the landlord. Please contact us for confirmations of these costs.

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