Top Ten Tips for Landlords – No 10: How Do I Evict A Tenant

Evicting a tenant is usually the last resort, and it can be a difficult procedure. You need to make sure you are complying with a whole host of legislation and regulations, and you must treat your tenant “fairly” throughout, however unjust that may seem. Unless you are a well-seasoned professional landlord, you really should seek extra help specific to your circumstances.

Evicting a problem tenant can be an expensive and emotional drain and so it pays to get support. If you have a good managing agent they should be able to resolve any issues before the necessity to start eviction procedures. However evictions are becoming much more of a regular occurrence so you need to be prepared to deal with the process when, rather than if, the need arises.

If your tenant starts to pay their rent late on a regular basis this is the first sign that they are struggling. Rather than just hoping they will sort themselves out you are advised to get in touch and speak to them about it. Demanding they pay immediately is not to going to help, and is more likely to have the opposite effect. If a tenant applies to the council for housing because you have served them a Section 21 notice to leave, the council will advise them to ignore the notice and stay in the property until they receive notification from a Bailiff. If they do leave of their own accord before this happens, the council will be unable to find them accommodation as they will have made themselves “intentionally” homeless. So you need to make sure you serve the correct notice specific to your circumstances, as well as fully adhering to all the prescribed legal requirements.

Of course it may not be a case of rental arrears, they may be other reasons you are evicting a tenant.

Neil Douglas have a wealth of experience in dealing with problem tenants and assisting landlords through court proceedings. If we fully manage the property for you then we serve notices to quit and give advice at no extra charge. We also offer fully comprehensive rental guarantee insurance to give you peace of mind that if the worst happens you won’t face financial ruin.

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