The Homelessness Reduction Bill – a step in the right direction for landlords

The Homelessness Reduction Bill has now been made an Act of Parliament having received Royal Assent on April 27th. Many feared that this Bill would not be made an Act prior to the dissolution of Parliament for the general election called by Theresa May and might be lost. However, this Bill in addition to another 21 Bills have now been Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tips for Landlords – No 8: Lets for the Disabled

A report released at the end of 2014 and reported on in The Guardian revealed that around 300,000 disabled people were “stuck on housing waiting lists across the UK” and were being “forced to make do with accommodation that does not meet their needs”. This suggests that there is a large market of potential tenants in need of homes that Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tips for Landlords – No 7: Taxation Rules For Landlords

Taxation Rules For Landlords Rules on paying tax when renting out your property can be quite complicated and are updated regularly so it pays to get professional advice. However here is a short guide to help you understand some of these complex rules. 1. Paying Income Tax When you first rent out your property you must tell HM Revenue and Continue Reading →